Once Upon A Time

(Excerpt from the blog ‘The Temenos Journal’)

This morning a post came thru my feed about skeletons of an elderly couple that were found, in the grave together, almost 5000 years old, holding hands.

That is true love.

True love is being by your side as you take your last breath…saying…”its ok, I’m ok, you can go now”.

True love is hard. It makes you cry. It’s power lifts you, moves you.

True love is this deep, undying thing that, like fairies, you have to believe in to see. To feel. To know. To touch.


He showed up last night, after 11 days, just as I was putting the water on for pasta.

At some point, we talked more about this “true love” of his. You know, the wife of 35 years who broke his heart. He still says he believes you only get one “true love”.

I told him he was wrong.

But now? I don’t know Mom, maybe he’s not.

I guess this true love and him had dynamite sex for all those years and then spent the last 5 years fighting until he kicked her out.

“I’ve been saying it so long to you, you just wouldn’t listen. Every time you said ‘Farm Boy do this’ you thought I was answering ‘As you wish’ but that’s only because you were hearing wrong. ‘I love you’ was what it was, but you never heard.”
William Goldman, The Princess Bride

In his mind, great…

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