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My short stories

Wish granted (short tale)

Farla the genie looked at me and asked me what were my three wishes.

I don’t know genie. I don’t believe in magic anymore. Everything is so false and complicated.

It has nothing to do with people, but with me, it’s how I see everything around me and how I would want it to be.

I don’t need you to grant me wishes, I want to live a happy life in a little joyful place surrounded with beautiful things.

But mistress these wishes I could grant it to you.

How genie?, can happiness, peace of mind and joy in abundance be granted, again I will be living in a delusive world if it’s granted.

Oh mistress, haven’t you rubbed the lamp and set me free, haven’t you brought me happiness by releasing me from my prison?

Though it’s a matter of time before I return in my lamp after I have granted you your wish, that little moments that am outside my prison makes me happy.

You seem to be sad genie, it must be difficult staying alone in that lamp?

That’s why genie were created mistress, to grant wishes to the mortals and bring them happiness, that’s our gift to mortals who summon us while rubbing the lamp.

That’s really sad Farla the genie.

Should I return in my lamp mistress?  When you have thought about the things you want, just rub the lamp and I will appear.

I have my three wishes genie.

Say, and your three wishes shall be granted mistress,  after that I will disappear until another mortal finds me.

My first wish is a little house with fertile soil surrounding it.

Wish granted mistress, now your second.

Straight hair, I want my hair to be forever straight.

Are you sure mistress of what you desire, you can change if you want.

No that’s what I want.

Wish granted, and your last desire mistress?

I want you to be free from your lamp genie, that’s my last wish.

Genie smiled.

Wish granted.






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