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Poetry, Day Four: Journey

Today write a poem about a journey.
Enhance your poem with a simile if you’d like.

Journey poetry on lovelyricism
Pezibear on

Life punches with fists of a boxer
Went down under the ring
Fought with my hands up
Meteorites striking like thunderbolts
Every part of my body bruised
Blue as indigo
Red as a flamenco dancer
I fall like the autumn leaves
Lifeless among flashing eyes
That voice that echoes in the vastness
‘Get up’
‘Fist up’
‘Now punch again’
Fall again as a warrior on a battlefield
Echoes as in a valley again
‘At least your not dead as a dead man’
‘As long as their is a single thread of breath don’t ever give up’
‘Everybody walks or run everyday so as to go to worknow with their destination always reached, life too is a path, and only you alone can pave your way on your own journey.’


I had to stop the blogging u after 3 days, I started it all over again.

I never thought that poetry writing could be that difficult, so many various styles and ways of writing a poem, it’s not just about emotions put on paper, there is way more to the ultimate poem.

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