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By yourself

By yourself

Life gifts all of us the necessary strength to do all the things we need. Autonomy since a young age has helped me a lot, you never rely on anybody’s strength, you give yourself 100% in all what you do, it’s the good side of autonomy.

But in a certain ways, you develop a sense of detachment with people who sees you as a selfish person, for you tend to do all your things by yourself, you find it also hard to ask questions and tend to rush in your tasks.

I should say that for me my autonomy really ended when I was pregnant, there comes a time in your life where you only want to rest on a shoulder for a while.

I wish I could make my children more autonomic so that they will not have to rely on anyone in a near future.

When talking of autonomy, I always think of the late blind singer ‘Ray Charles’, of how his mother let him get by in life all by himself even though he was blind.

Well for now am having some difficulty in fixing my google password, and it got me some severe headaches and nerve breaking, am unable to concentrate for it’s all troubling me. I hope that everything will be okay. But I guess for the autonomy side of computerization am really not good at it.


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