Armor of Mauritius
Mauritius, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Our paradise

Armor of Mauritius

My dear beautiful island
My star and my key
I guess I have never written about you before
Only in lost poetries sent in the sea
Praying that a sailor would come and take me away
And that a mermaid would fall in love with your beauty
Messages in bottles describing our paradise
I guess nobody has retrieved my words
On the days I would sit all day at the beach
Praying to see a mermaid waving me with her tail
Or standing on the highest hill hoping to see a spaceship
I sometimes daydream that the tides bring them safely
Ashore to another island in another time
While opening it, they discover a corner of heaven on earth
All the love I have for you
And how pride am I to belong to you.


Younger I loved sending written messages in the sea, and I became more obcessed about that practice when I had watched the movie ‘message in the bottle.’ Well I have always been a hopeless romantic :).

Prompt for today was Island.



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