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My Mother

To my mother Adia, the person I admire the most in the whole galaxy. My Mother Your love is irreplaceable My love for you is  beyond words Among all the stars of the universe You are the brightest of them all Everything that I am today, I owe it to you Your precious words Your lovable voice… Continue reading My Mother


Unstoppable wind

Here I stand with the rain crashing all over my body And the wind slashing me with violence I look above the sky and make a wish That the rays of the sun comes out again To burn my skin. I couldn't be unstoppable even if I wanted to For am always discussing important matters With the… Continue reading Unstoppable wind

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I hope that humanity restores it's faith I hope where there is sadness and tears lights may shine upon their fate I hope that in some months all these nightmares will seems very far I hope that all of our archaic thought would vanish in fumes I know that lives have been broken I know… Continue reading Humanity

Illustration of girl dreaming
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Indefinable I don't know anymore how to define                        The world with my blindness                               Should I be pitied for sapping myself into the unreal  Could you see me as being fine             And would the world see all my love as weakness                             Because to you I was never real                                                But to me I was always… Continue reading Indefinable

Earth from space
Social Awareness

Gaia (Mother Earth)

Gaia (Mother Earth) Earth, home for humans and other various creatures, she who protects us from every external threats, yet we tend to break her heart deep from the bottom of her core. We humans forget that planet earth is the source of all our living resources, water flows from her source and quenching our… Continue reading Gaia (Mother Earth)

Tempus Fugit clock
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Against the time we stand

Against the time we stand The ticking of the clock Reminding us of the time remaining Turning every seconds into a martyr The cuckoo from the clock Turning every youth into wrinkles These moving hands telling us that time is bitter Running we run Against the time we stand Facing its impact Reluctantly avoiding its… Continue reading Against the time we stand

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I have lost . . .

I have lost . . . My pc is damaged, I am not able to recuperate my Gmail account, I lost. Am writing on a device that also has technical problems, I can't write well on this tablet, it's small, I don't know anymore what to do. It all started out yesterday, I wanted to… Continue reading I have lost . . .