Social Awareness

No to narcotics

No to narcotics

Damaged families due to drug abuse

I would like to take advantage of the International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking to write about that damaging, toxic, ruinous and afflictive substance that is the cause of much sufferings, griefs and heartaches in so many families around the world and this no matter the background, the place or society position you might have.

Families which have to deal with their close family members which are addicted to drugs lives a life of complete desolation and miseries. We never open our eyes to the destruction caused by drugs trafficking until someone in your family becomes a drug addict and you as their parents or close family have to aid with great despair your loved ones slowly sinking  in the hell of drugs.

When someone becomes a slave to drug substances, it’s not one, but a whole family that suffers from all this traumatic situations. Sometimes all the love in the world might not save someone who has fallen in the claws of illicit substances.

We watch our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends and all our closest members being slowly and silently killed by destructive substances while drug traffickers are everyday filling up their pockets with money made from trading substances of death.

Drug traffickers are murderers

In every step of the way drug traffickers contribute to the ascension of violence, rapt, rapes, murder, theft, poverty, domestic violence, deaths, suicides, prostitution, child abuse of all kinds of criminal offences. Drug traffickers are murderers.

They alone are the sources of so many sorrows and agonies while all we can do is watch as drug traffickers drive in their Benz and live in palaces like kings.

Many countries have reinforce their laws concerning  drug traffickers, in some part of the world drug traffickers are even sentenced to death penalties.

All forms of drugs are drugs

In many areas of the world drugs that are qualified as medicinal aka mild drugs are legalised—that is you can buy, smoke or trade these so-called ‘soft drugs’ legally as if alcohol and tobacco are not enough causes of suffering in many families.

But all forms of drugs are drugs, a substance that makes you feel calm or excited, something that turns you different from what you really are, perhaps it might help in lowering pains but it doesn’t cure any illness as far as I know.

Do we really have to get high to create? do we need these to have a good time? does taking drugs make you looks more fashionable? does taking drugs makes you more adapted to belong to certain communities? or instead does it create dependency, difficulty to concentrate at work, insomnia, anxiety and depression when not having your dope, the urge of tasting stronger drugs and don’t we forget all the cash needed to buy these craps and working only so as to be able to buy the dope and have severe effects known as ‘bad trips’ where you might die.

Drugs trading are even innovating, everyday you are hearing new kinds of drugs substances that are killing more and more youngsters, drugs are even being sold schools and many of these children are found dead due to drugs.

It’s alarming and heart aching when you hear of all the damages caused by narcotics.

2016 theme:-“Listen First”

Theme on the international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking
International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking 2016 theme

The international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking has this year for main theme ‘listen first’, it’s the prevention slogan against the use of drugs and the message here is to raise awareness among youngsters and parents so as to listen more at what our  children have to say to us.

It’s a campaign that tends to work on a long-term basis so that we may legate a drug free world to our children. And awareness should start from school and home itself.

Working through the eradication of drugs is a long and hard process and battle, but if we have the ability to come together and raise more awareness on the social and economic disaster of drugs we may gradually get rid of drug traffickers.





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