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By the bank of the river (short story)


By the bank of the river

Here’s how I lived a life of complete desolation and died in total misery.

Everyday I would watch the lady eating with gluttony her festive plate while I would be standing hungrily next to her, she never liked me nor my mother and our sufferings were her favourite pastime. 

She was such a terrible woman who loved depriving me of food.

I had nowhere else to go, I was young, fragile and alone, mother died one year back and since I was left with the cruel shrew that employed mother in exchange of a roof to sleep under and half piece of bread everyday that was to be divided between us two.

In return mother had to work very hard in her house, doing jobs that drained her more than she was eating, in the end she fell very ill and died and I was left alone with that bad woman.

She fed me only twice a week saying that it was enough for my little age.

Everyday I swept, I cleaned, I dusted, I washed and went to sleep with my stomach rumbling. Sometimes I will slip through the night and go beg at the tavern for some food, the men there loved to me very much, my hunger was too deep and my mouth too dried.

One day the Chancellor came to see the lady, he was old and crippled, he looked at me with eyes of hunger.

The lady told me to take my things and to go with the Chancellor, I saw a big sack of gold on the lady’s table, I said to myself at last I would be eating well and I will finally not die of deprivation.

But my life was only made of sadness and agony, I was naive to believe that my life would change instead I served as a sexual object being beaten and raped everyday by that old pervert until I died under his regular beatings.

He threw my body in the river, I died in great agony, my soul angry quenched for revenge.

That was my part of my story while sitting by the bank of the river with you.

▒christa chn▒

Today’s writing prompt was DEPRIVED.


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