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Key to your dreams


Key to your dreams

I was doing some bookcase cleaning and I fell on the last Chinese horoscope book that I had bought on 2014, it’s from my favorite Chinese astrology writer, Neil Somerville.

It happened that before I was going to throw it in the trash, I opened the book and discovered this wonderful life-giving lesson written by him.

I just had to share this one, because determination  is really a great asset in attracting the things that we really want to achieve in this life, determination is what makes us keep hoping and believing in what we are capable of achieving.

It’s not an easy road for some of us out there, but little by little everything that we have put forward so as to achieve our goals will utterly and undeniably take the shape of our aspirations and dreams.

So let’s keep feeding our determinations appetite—though sometimes a little rest along the way is necessary, but after having taken a break like kitkat:) we will have to continue moving forward for at the end of our path our reward will be our award for not having given up the fight for our dreams.

Determination is the key to success

As for my on path, am still turtle walking on the road. The picture of the road itself has changed many times with puddles and big holes along the way, but my determination has remained untouched and with the discovering of this message, am more hopeful than ever.


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