blue waves
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Tidal waves


Tidal Waves

If I were to drowned in a sea of people
Lost in the water of life
I would be swimming amongst tidal waves of salts
Fighting giant whirlpools of sea
Would I make it?
If I were drowning amidst a sea of people
Would somebody come rescue me on a life boat?
Alone, would I be in this current
A devastating tsunami
This loneliness and emptiness and dampness
Cruel life
Then it’s a life boat coming from nowhere
It will bring us safely ashore
Far far away from the crowded populated sea
Safe and sound
Alive and breathing.


(image sourceWikilmages on

Today’s daily post writing prompt was EMPTY, I wrote this post with water and the sea as inspiration, through this post I wanted to describe someone mentally vulnerable being surrounded by people and feels lifeless because she feels their hate.

The life boat here is a friend or a lover that in a way saves her from all this connotation through the love he gives to her.





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