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Ode to Helios

Ode to Helios

The warm sunny weather has resurected¤
I take a bath in the pool
I swim in the sea
I paddle in the lake
All soaked up of sunny rays of sunlight¤
Streets are full of beautiful people¤
No more depressed by the cold winter snow
We are free and happy in the summer months
Let us dip freely in the basin of summer love
Let’s turn towards the sun and be thankful
It’s a renewal of abundance
We sing and we dance barefoot on the ground
It sweeps our feelings¤
I wanna run away in the sun
And up under a sea filao tree
Under the sun¤
Come dance with me
On an island surrounded by the sea
where summer is endless
And the sunlight caresses all day your face
Let our perspiration mingle under the heat¤
As the temperature rise with the wakening of helios
I abandon myself freely to the the goddess of the sun.


Today’s one word prompt on the daily post was Summer


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