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Struggling to learn html basics


Struggling to learn html basics.

The Struggle of a housewife since 2 days in learning html basics from blogging fundamentals in the blogging u course. I am fully plunged in reading and learning for some days now, not going on any other social medias and staying on WordPress all day until I go to sleep only to be able to understand all this.

But am not at all under pressure, it’s much more as a puzzled game for me 🙂 well I should take it like that or else I would go all hysterical. So until I haven’t understood what that html thing is (well I have understood that it is a language code) my brain will not be able to transcribe words for me to write.

So in between my learning, I will be reading blogs that I love and commenting on posts that fascinates me. Though all of this is really tough—for I am not an internet geek, I find great satisfactions and fun in learning the fundamentals and basics of a blog.

The first time I saw the html code in the text editor, I can assure you that I was afraid, until now I don’t want to touch anything in the html square, but I guess that it’s inevitable, so until I have not understood a bit of html I don’t think that my brain will be at its best.

When things bothers me, I go all numb and my brain won’t react normally until I have found a solution or answers at the problem I face. Well it’s me, am like that.

I hope that we will come to css only next year, because I don’t think that I will make it, lol.


3 thoughts on “Struggling to learn html basics”

  1. I learned HTML through Code Academy enough to make a Web page and some CSS. Their Javascript threw me, though. I’ll eventually try again with either Academy or other (free, please) courses.

    Thank you for liking my poem!

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    1. That’s cool to learn things like that, I have a little bit progressed and I guess that I have known the basics of of how to use coding, but so as to learn advance html will not be for, it’s a bit complicated for me all this. But if it’s free I guess we should take full advantage of it. Thank you very much for your visit.

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