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Live and let live (an essay)


Live and let live quotation
Live and let live quotation

When it comes to my favorite quotation of all time I tend to get a bit jeopardized and skeptical on the meaning of that saying. ‘To live and to let live’ has taken a very broad spectrum of various interpretation of what defines us as humans and our ways to carve our own destiny in this world.

Am not a philosopher nor a preacher (just a housewife trying to understand what her future will be made of), but it seems to me that the saying above has a beautiful way of making my brain rewind instantly on things that have caused anxiety, unhappiness and enraging situations.

So let’s see what a housewife writing amateur can write on the quote ‘live and let live’. And if ever someone comes to read this post please do give me your own opinion on my style of writing as well as the level of aberration of my own opinion on this subject, the tone and grammatical errors. 

Misleading Opinions for facts

It seems to me that opiniatry has become something bashful and obliterate in a world where power, religion, terrorism, suicide, murders, cruelty, war and unhappiness reigns beyond limit. What is having an opinion now in this stubborn world?, what is having the right to say things as they ought to be versus the right to say things that ought to be without the start of hostilities.

I say that am a witch and bang all the sacred legions of the world stumble upon me, I say that I am proud to be a rainbow and bang I become am being taken for assaults by troublesome homophobes, I say that weapons should be banned on the whole planet and bang am taken for aim by defenders of a thing that is used for the shooting of millions and millions of innocent people—and it goes on and on like that.

So what is it to live a life on earth nowadays? what is all that talking behind the freedom of expression and the liberty to live as we wish while giving your opinion on things that matters without being taken for a racist, rebel and asshole?

So! should I put on my heartless mode and go on living as if there was never a guy that broke into a nightclub with a killing weapon fabricated by x and went on mass murdering people who were only having a good time and embracing their uniqueness and flaws while celebrating their love for this one and only life that was gifted to us.

So for whom and for what reason should be erased from my brain the liberty to be myself and the freedom of living as I wish with no intention of harming none without fearing for my life, what’s all this conceptualization of cutting our freedom and slaving our own personalities for people who don’t even know what they are fighting for!

The way that I talk, the way that I dress, the way that I behave myself should never interfere in my ways of living for the sake of opinionated humans, people should never apologize for loving life itself and trying to breathe every seconds of their life in celebrating the beauty of life itself.

The world has to face an undeniable truth and resignation that the path to world comprehensiveness and compassion within humanity itself is unachievable unless we stop being assholes or the emergence of someone with the unique capacity of educating hearts and implanting kindness and love in people’s heart that have been dried and barren from taking opinions for facts.

My personal opinions

So what is my own opinion on this all so great debate on life convergence – well I do assume that as a matter of fact I really love life itself, the first that I did here was to be the less offensive as I could in writing this post so as not to be under the telescopic view of people who would be tremendously offended till the point of having me as their target :).

Though I do believe in the power of pacifism, yet in my own experience there will always be some damaged people who will have that power to bring your sanity to insanity and turning you into a weapon of mass destruction.

But the only way to be regaining your own sanity is to peacefully walk away of these negative people for you have the right to cut the ropes with people who are not letting you breath and live freely. In a way it’s called ‘ being abused’, you are being abused in a context, you are not a thing, you are made of skin and flesh and your life matters, we live only once and it’s not to be chained to someone who will brutalize you morally or physically that you will have regained power over your life.

I do believe that everything should be balanced, life balance is a modern necessity so as to achieve a good way of living.

 live and let live

So how do I try to live and to let live in this world,

  • I try as much as possible to be non judgmental because it’s other people’s life and not mine.
  • Not putting my nose in things that are non of my concern because it doesn’t concern me.
  • But above all in life it’s important to respect people.
  • Respect people for what they are and here I am not talking about murderers, terrorists or any other kind of people who cause terror in life of innocent people.
  • Sometimes it’s better to not enter a fight that is not at all of your concern for in the end you will be the main target (be like Switzerland).
  • And most important live your life as you wish as long as you are hurting none.

Well I guess that’s a very long and vast subject when it comes to living, so what can I say more to you that all the other intellectuals, writers or leaders have not already said or written about life and the fact of letting people living as they wish without causing any harm.

Even though this world is full of atrocities, all religions without any doubt preaches us the power of forgiveness, love and compassion so as to be able to live our life in peace.

In doing so live and let live because life is too short so as to cause ourselves extreme sufferings and living in dismay.







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