The longest ride movie

The longest ride movie
The longest ride movie

The longest ride movie

‘The longest ride’ is a great romantic movie, I have enjoyed watching it yesterday. It’s the kind of movie that moves me with its great views and beautiful soundtracks. This romantic movie has all the necessary ingredients so as to make us have a good time watching it.

The longest ride movie is an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, who is also the author of ‘Message in a bottle’, ‘The notebook’, ‘Dear John’ and much more. Nicholas Sparks writes mainly books that tell stories associated with love, he is really talented in rendering writings that plunge us into a world of romance, and most of the time taking our handkerchief out.

What has the most stricken me in this movie is how art is put forward, how someone may see art and the fact that it may change people lives?

Any form of art whether it’s paintings, photography or writings is something that can heal us, that gives happiness to some people more than you will ever think, when something is made genuinely and that you put all your love and soul in the thing that you are creating, then it becomes something so beautiful that it becomes the fascination to some people that are quite sensitive.

As you might see, I also love very art very much, but only those who talks to me in a certain way where love, heart, and soul have been infused and turned into what we call art.

If I was rich I would have owned a whole collection of art.

Little summary

The story is about two couples whose stories are linked when Luke, a professional bull-rider and her new girlfriend Sophia who loves art very much rescue an elder man stuck in his car alongside a box containing letters.

Sophia while continuing to visit the old man found out that the letters were the stories of the emerging love story between the old man and her beloved wife in the 40’s.

Throughout this interweave story we are brought about in the life of a passionate loving couple that face sadness and anger due to difficulties of having children, but on the other hand, we find a new love couple that is also facing difficulties because of career choice.

It’s a movie that has a beautiful ending, all the great romantics, and sensitive person will really love that movie.

NOTE: There is a hot bathroom scene in the movie that I found totally useless because it could have been a beautiful little family movie, but I guess that’s the trend :).






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