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Waiting for my wings

Waiting for my wings (J’attends mes ailes)

J’aperçut dans le ciel un caveau étincelante de lumière qui luissait ardemment dans une ouverture tenace qu’était les nuages assombrit d’eau.

I saw in the sky a sparkling vault of light that shone ardently in a tenacious opening where the clouds have been darkened by water.

Étendue près du rivage, j’attendais patiemment que mes ailes repoussent afin de m’envoler vers les cieux et que les anges célestes puissent transformer mes peines et mes pleurs en poussières d’étoiles.

Laid down near the shore, I was waiting patiently for my wings to grow back so that I could fly away to the heavens so that the celestial angels would transform my sorrows and tears in star dust.      


Writing prompt theme for today was TRANSFORMATION.

I also talk and read French, something that we learn since a very young age here at school, so I have translated my prose from French to English.


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