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World Oceans Day

Flic_en_Flac sleeping aura by ChristaChn
Flic_en_Flac sleeping aura by ChristaChn

The World Oceans Day

As I live on an island surrounded by the sea, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of writing an article about the World Oceans Day, which is celebrated each year on the 8th of June since the year 1992.

The ocean holds 97% of our planet water and is a great source of food provider for the whole world, the ocean is also the main habitat for millions of sea creatures that lives and swims in the sea, and it’s important to note that the ocean produces more than half of the oxygen of our planet.

Yet, there will always be some indifferent and irresponsible people, who through their knowingly or unknowingly actions will go on destroying our beautiful blue ocean, through the dumping of polluted and chemical products in the ocean—which is really toxic to our aquatic ecosystem.

It’s our main duty to preserve the ocean from the damages caused to its aquamarine system, so that the future generation might also benefit from a healthy and safe ocean.

This is why the theme for the 2016 world oceans day is ‘healthy ocean, healthy planet,’ this theme has been chosen so as to raise awareness on the urge to protect the marine ecosystem of our planet while special accent on the damages caused by plastic pollution and the trash thrown into the sea has been put forward.

Plastic pollution kills millions of sea creatures each year, including seabirds and sea mammals. Some of the sea creatures are found with plastic inside or around their bodies—which in my opinion is a very cruel way to die.

There are many ways to reduce plastic pollution so as to preserve our precious ocean, and if all the population of the world accepts to take the first step towards the gradual elimination of using plastics in our day-to-day use, I think that we would make a big step towards the preservation of our lagoon.

I hope that during this special day people of the world will have the time to think about the consequences of sea pollutions while informing themselves on the various possible ways of protecting our ocean from any form of pollution so that we might always be surrounded by a beautiful and healthy aquamarine system.


Mauritius_laguna by ChristaChn
Mauritius_laguna by ChristaChn







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