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How to love?

Today’s writing prompt had for theme CONNECTED

When real love is found all you want is to cling to the other

You forget the whole world

So much you wanna give

So much you wanna love

You are the best  version of yourself for the loved one

You sacrifice yourself to the God of love

You give every corner of your soul to the one you love

They are your everything, they are your rock armour

Your titanium shelter

The essence of your being

You give and you give

You watch everything else burn and it doesn’t move you

You give and you give

You reluctantly kill little by little your own heart

A love that transgress every norm and reality

You give and you give

Until your bones runs dry

You give and you give

It doesn’t suffice to the other

You are slowly dying

You are being drained of all the love you have in your heart

You forget your own existence and own loveliness

It’s a mass destruction of your own being

All connections lost with reality

Dreams blurring all you can be

Love may become painful if we don’t know how to love.

Sometimes there are people who don’t know how to love, we think that we need to please and make commitment so as to show the greatness of our love, but we forget to love ourselves, we become a possessive person where love turns to obsession, we destroy our own relationships for the sake of the loved one. But it the end it only annihilate yourself, too much love can also kill, a good and healthy relationship should be balanced, open and sincere.


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