My short stories

The night crawlers (Short Story)

Toc toc toc…toc toc toc

I woke up suddenly pulled out of the beautiful dream I was in, my vision was all blurry, I couldn’t see what time it was, my hands searched for my spectacles. I looked at the clock, it was half past midnight, was I dreaming!

Toc toc toc

I wasn’t dreaming at all, someone was knocking at my door. Suddenly a strange thought aroused in my thoughts that sent shivers down my spine.

“Who’s knocking at my door at that time, you better have a good reason for shaking me out of my dreams”, I said nervously.

Toc toc toc

I started panicking, I was freeze on the spot with fear and couldn’t get out of bed, I took one last breath and tried to speak again, “please go away, go away, I will call the police if you continue to harass me at my door, speak or leave”.

Toc toc toc

I started trembling and tears started rumbling my cheeks, I was all alone in the dark, I had no phone connection and I just moved In yesterday, I was a bird that left her nest so as to fly on her own, now on my very first day I was going to die alone.

Every possible bad scenarios rolled in my mind, I was all so scared, I was unable to make a single move, not even take a look out of the window, I curled up in my bed, praying and hoping that the person or thing knocking at my door will finally go away.

Toc toc toc

This time I felt myself as being possessed, I went all crazy, I ran to the kitchen, took the hatchet, screamed like a mad person and ran to the door screaming, “you bastard, you better go away or I will plant my hatchet in your head and am not joking.”

“Really, would you do that to the love of your life?”, I heard on the other side of the door.

The hatchet fell from my hands, I quickly opened the door for I had recognised the voice of Jordan.

I was crying as I fell into his arms, I slapped him in the face, but he hugged me real hard, asked for forgiveness and kissed me.

“Am sorry my love, I just wanted to be playful and scare you a bit, I didn’t intend to cause you all this disagreements, I love you.”

He took me in his arms as one would take a frightened and fragile child, he took me inside and put me back to bed.

“Am so sorry again Maggi,  I never meant to scare you my love, I intended to come earlier but my car broke down on my way to see you, when I finally got to repair my car, it was already late, so I said that I would be knocking once very loud so as to wake you up and frighten you only a little.”

“What! you knocked at my door only once?” I said puzzled.

Toc toc toc

Me and Jordan we looked at each other and we heard what it seemed to be childish laughter……..



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