Hummingbird drinking water
My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Goodbye Humming bird

Goodbye Humming bird

Soaring and spreading all along my wings wildly

With eyes as blue as the sky above 

The winds gusting me higher and higher

In the open garden of our home

Up above the starry cosmos

And down under the vast salty blue water

Entwined with the wind dictating my flight

I soar higher and higher up in the clouds

It forms strangely a cotton trace

It’s the swift of my wings

How beautiful everything seems to be when we are sustained by the sky

How immensely big we seem to be

And how so small everything seems to be down there

I feel so invincible and free

I fly and I fly up in the celestial sphere

My heart full with joy and content

Suddenly the mist takes over our heaven

The clouds turn all grey and is burdened with water

A storm is born in our blue kingdom

Flashes of light everywhere

Rain pouring down on me

It hurts

Am all soaked up and heavy

Am going to fall

My wings have become to heavy for them to fly

They won’t be flapping anymore

I take a last look at my home

I have enough spread my wings in all the skies of this planet

I let the heavy rainfall take my last breath as it crash my soft body on the muddy land.

▒Christa chn▒

(Image source)

Today’s writing prompt was SKY.


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