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Tell me the real meaning of life

Tell me the real meaning of life

There was a time where we were being chained in the void

And we were given a gift

Flesh and bones creatures

With living breath cast into our lungs

With one and only purpose to love and care for each other

To have a life experience

To live well and to expire our last breath with a smile on our face

But I guess that not even him has seen the future

All this horrors that we inflict to each other

All the pain that we cause all around us

And all the sadness that we live in

Money, power, everything got out of hand

Our sole purpose was to have the most beautiful experience here

Not to live a life of stress and pathological diseases

It was crystal clear

love and not hatred

Tenderness and not wickedness

Laughter and joy, not sadness and tears

Modesty, not avaricious

Compassion but non judgemental.

So what’s the real purpose of living? Can someone really give me an answer? 

Was a bit difficult thinking on what to write with the writing prompt of today because it’s a question that I oftenly ask myself.



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