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After Auschwitz, Eva Schloss story

After Aushwitz by Eva Schloss
After Auschwitz by Eva Schloss



After Auschwitz is a heart touching book that has been written on the life of Eva Schloss that was being imprisoned at the age of 15 in the horrible concentration camp of Auschwitz. It’s the true story of a girl who has grown up in the flourishing twentieth century capital of Vienna, in a lovable and rich family, and from one day to the next found herself in the spiral of a war where millions of innocent Jews were killed without any purpose.

It’s interesting for the readers here to know the important connection that Eva Schloss had with Anne Frank—the two were friends and neighbours before the second world war, and after Eva’s mother lost her husband and son tragically in the war, she married the father of Anne Frank.

Eva schloss gives us a lesson of courage and  strength in the narration of this book, a survivor that has decided to live no matter what even though she has been tattooed for life.

The book has also beautiful photographs from Eva Schloss personal collection.

Mutti and I had survived through luck, willpower and the protection of Minni. We had outlasted what I believe was the most evil ideology of ethnic cleansing and killing in history. The Nazis had chased our family across Europe, driven by a crazed obsession and a determination not to stop until every last Jew was dead. I was alive, but I would have to relearn how to live, and find my place in a world that often didn’t want to know about the horrors that I had seen. EVA SCHLOSS



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  1. Christa, I stopped by to thank you for the follow and am SO glad I ran across this post! I had no idea Otto married Fritzi. I’ll have to pick that book up! I look forward to getting to know you. 🙂

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