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Anger Versus Love

Anger Versus Love

What is that feeling of destruction drowning the veins in my heart

Poisoning the cells of my body

Making my eyes go all moist with salt

I feel rushes of the red liquid burning my cheeks

I tremble with a 40 degrees of fever

It’s all blurry and dizzy within my sight

All I wanna do is crash and burn..crash and burn

Am possessed by this demon

My personality is being raped

I don’t have power over it

It’s over, all damages is coming upon all

Mass and collateral physical and psychic damages

But wait…I see something coming in my way

Through this thick veil I see it

Something…no someone’s voice

Somebody is reaching out for me

Soothing words and tender outreach

I feel love through all this anger


Warm laughter

Like a mummy…like a mummy

Returning from the world of the dead.


Today’s writing prompt had for theme ANGER, I have described a bit how it feels to me to be out of control.



14 thoughts on “Anger Versus Love”

  1. Damn!!!! You are AMAZING!!! I mean the emotion that lays underneath every single word. Damn girl. The way you write, you have talent. The way you move people with your writing, people dream to have that. If I could write like you do, I would be.. I don’t know really. I mean I can’t even right a poem for school. But I don’t really know where I’m going with this. All I wanted to say is, amazing. Absolutely Fantastic! Great Job. You should be proud of yourself.

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    1. Thank you so much, it’s a really great inspirational comment you made here, it’s just writing things that I feel and put it down, just put what you feel down, thank you so much, am speechless and emotional.


      1. No problem sweetheart. I’m just telling the truth. And the truth is that you’re an amazing writer. Writing down your feelings is a great way express yourself. Doesn’t matter if no one reads your story. Just matters that you at least tell it. Keep up the great work. If you ever want to talk, just message me. Bye bye.
        That’s my rant!!!!

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      2. And the same to you. As my favorite youtuber always says, “Remember to Smile, cause it’s worth it” and another youtuber, “Today’s gonna be a great day and do you know why? Because everyday is a great day.” Bye bye!

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      3. Okay I know I said bye but I have to say this. I’m not that wise. I’m only a teenager. You are the wise one with the heartfelt thoughts. I just say what other people have already said. You, you right what you have to say. That’s all you sweetheart. I’m just hear to listen. Okay now I’ll go. Good luck. Bye bye.

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      4. Oh, okay I lied. You watch star wars. For the movies, I’ve only seen the most recent one. I know, I know , it’s a crime. But I’m a geek I used to watch – every heard of the tv show – Star Wars: The clone wars. That was my stuff. Haha. Thank Master. Haha. 😛

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