Happy mother’s and father’s day

Mother’s day

Here on the dodo island we celebrated mother’s day yesterday . . . and I always wondered what is the reason why across the planet we didn’t celebrate that important date at the same time, but nevertheless and nevermind the historical events that brought about a special day so as to commemorate motherhood and feminism throughout every countries of the world and whether traditional significance and dates may differ, we all have the same aim—that is to say and to show in our own particular ways our love for our mothers and fathers.

In Mauritius we always celebrate mother’s day on the last Sunday of the month of May. On this special day that honors our mothers and show them our unlimited love we offer them gifts, whether it’s in the form of a bouquet of flower or some beautiful Hand made crafts and cards, we tend to spoil our parents and particularly our mothers so as to thank them for all the love, tenderness and sacrifice they have shown us throughout all these years.

Most of us will go to our mothers place on mother’s day so as to gather around a typical dish or some will go dinner outside, neither ways everything is set up on that occasion so as to honour and cherish our mother.

Father’s day

Many people tend to forget that we also celebrate father’s day, though here in Mauritius its celebrated on the third Sunday of June which this year will be on the 19 June, mostly the people whom I know will offer their father’s day gifts on the same day that mother’s day is being celebrated, I guess it’s due to the fact that many of us don’t really know if a father’s day has been proclaimed, thus gifting both parents on the same day.

I think that father’s day is as important as mother’s day, for even that a mother has carried us for 9 months and given us loads of caring and love, fathers too have an important role to play in our lives, he is the one that works hard so as to give us our necessities and tend to care so that we never lack nothing. Well I guess that it should necessary be like that for all the fathers of the world 🙂

So regardless of the countries, religions or dates, I wish from the bottom of my heart to all the fathers and mothers of the entire world a happy mother’s and father’s day(for its everyday their day), may all the love you have cast upon us shines brilliantly through all your lineage.

Lovelyricism mother's and father's day gift cards
Lovely cards and earings given to my husband and me by our two sons



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