The Pop Kids – a letter to Pet Shop Boys.

A beautiful hommage to the Pet Shop Boys

I’ve been fan of pop duo Pet Shop Boys for longer than I’ve been drinking tea in bed, which given I owned a Teasmaid at 14, is bloody ages. Perhaps this was an early indication that roc…

Source: The Pop Kids – a letter to Pet Shop Boys.


10 thoughts on “The Pop Kids – a letter to Pet Shop Boys.”

    1. Yes, you are too young to know them, also I guess that they are not much on the radio these days, though they are not of my generation, but I loved the beat of their songs and the sound of their voice.
      My favourite is ‘Always on my mind’ formerly sang by Elvis Presley which they turned into a dancing beat, I really love that version of the song, also there are many more, but I have forgotten their titles.

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      1. I love them too, well I listen to music depending on my mood:), and hard rock, metal rock, alternative rock, slow rock, well everything that rocks give me a punch and take my blues any, rock makes me want to fight and break

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