My short stories

Little seed (short story)

My little seed I hope you become the most beautiful of my garden, you are a precious little thing, the one that will fulfill my deepest wish, you will be my wish come true, do become strong so as to stand against the wind, do grow magnificently so that your glow may give me solace.

Little seed you are my last resort given to me by the white witch of woodsland, I went to her one morning crying and mourning at her window for being a mother was being ripped from me from the day I was born itself, never have I known what the full moon was bringing to the other girls, a curse they said it was, and me I will be shedding blood from my eyes while the others would be shedding blood from their motherhood entrails.

I heard of the woodsland white witch while I was encountering the wood for some natural plants to make elixir, and there was that other maiden talking about the good white witch that could cure all kind of illness.

Oh little seed I couldn’t overturn that chance, I had to take the chance, I had to meet the white witch for the sake of Brayan, the love of my life that loved me tenderly and went against everyone so as to be with me.

You will have to take that special seed, put it in a fertile soil and do water it everyday, consider it as your own child, talk and chant to her, make her feel loved, and when she will finally bloom, your wish will finally come true, but take guard nobody should ever see it, you must cultivate it in a secret place.

And there you are little seed, my last and only alternative to embrace motherhood, I will care for you but in  return please do make my wish come true…..

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