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A letter to the hereafter (#microfiction)

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Hello my dear friend,

Long time not seen isn’t it? exactly 15 years and 2 months time without having talked or seen each other, funny how life may be! uncertainties and doubts killing 4 years of faithful friendship and a pocket full of wonderful memories.

Today am married and a mother, you at that time already had the chance to embrace motherhood at a very young age. I was your greatest admirer. Do you remember how amazed I was by all the delicious dishes you would be preparing for me, you were my dreams for a better future, you inspired by inner self in embracing a beautiful family life, getting married and making many babies :-).

You always said that being tough and independent was the duty of every women, that we had to look-alike all those tough movies bandits and give no shit about anyone in the whole wide world, we were like a gang! we would do as we wished and live as we wanted, we had no boundaries and were not afraid at all.

“We are free creatures, can’t you see the birds flying in the sky, and all the animals all around us, they are free and don’t require any validation from no-one, so why can’t we also live like them, they do what they want and go wherever they want”. You were always pondering on these lines, I always thought that you would have made a good philosopher if you had the possibility to be more educated.

You were not like the others in fact you looked like nobody else, in my eyes you were unique, physically and within. You were born with additional members but was not at all uncomfortable about yourself contrarily you had such a great self-confidence that all of your seemingly deformation were hidden to the eyes of the world. I was and still amazed by that force that issued from you.

You felt unique and proud to be different and yet amazing. Sometimes I would found myself being jealous of all the attention you got while being around people, I was always afraid that I would lose your friendship, but I guess I did, oh silly me-oh stupid younger days, wanting you all for myself—forgetting that you were a wild creature. Today I feel a bit ashamed when recalling my foolish child behaviors that preceded the end of our bond. 

Oh how I loved our hectic and exciting adventures, our endless nights talking about the meaning of existing, life was never dull or  frustrated by your side.

You were tenacious, ambitious, wild and yet so loveable. I had found in you a great soul that vibrated at the same frequency as mine, you always were a good friend to me, you understood me and you were always there for me, forgive me.

I hope that you know how beautiful you were to me and that after our breaking bond, I never had a friend as incredible as you, I could have talked to you through telepathy, but by writing this I want the world to know what a great person you were, and as for your name, am still jealous 🙂 and won’t reveal it, it’s a bit of having you only for myself even if you are not here anymore.

I apologise to you for having destroyed such a precious and lovely friendship, you will always be in my heart no matter what.

I know that this letter will never get to you and that you don’t exist anymore in this dimension, but know that you are always on my thoughts and my heart, until we meet again.

Yours friend always.




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