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Mayada (Daughter Of Iraq)

MAYADA                                                   Daughter Of Iraq

MAYADA writen by Jean Sasson
MAYADA writen by Jean Sasson

Mayada is a book about the real and tragic life story of Mayada Al-Askari—a native-born Iraqi woman with a very good background and a prestigious family name, living under the tyrannic ruling oppression and domination of Saddam Hussein.

Through an impressive way of writing, the author Jean Sasson delivers to us an emotionally charged story related to him by Mayada Al-Askari revealing her own brutal and inhuman imprisonment alongside other women in the Baladiyat prison—which was the secret police headquarters of Saddam Hussein.

We read about the true stories of women, children and men being tortured and raped in extreme violence while being threatened to death without any valid justification or reason.

The description of cruel acts of torture endured by some of the people of the book is heart breaking and raging, even the toughest of all hearts will find this book extremely sad.

The author Jean Sasson also narrates partly about the historical and political conflicts that brought about war and a destabilise country. Throughout the book Mayada relates about the political role played by her family in the history of Iraq, and of their connection to Saddam Hussein, furthermore there is also a little depiction of Saddam Hussein wife which was indeed a very ruthless woman.

Its a book about the life of people behind the walls of a jail renowned for torturing prisoners, and about great people that have fought for their country.

It’s a great book that I highly recommend to historical lovers, as well as people loving reading true life events and stories.


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