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A 2016 fairy tale

Sacrifice is the giving up of something you love for the sake of something you think is even more important.

My writing prompt on SACRIFICE

Macy was among the most beautiful girls of the area, a typical countryside girl, tall, long blond hair, blue eyes, and though she lived in a very reclusive part of the country she was always at the forefront of fashion. Every girl would envy Macy’s beauty and high self-esteem confidence she had in herself.

Macy dreamt since a very young age to leave the place she had grown up so as to be a model or an actress, she embraced the thought of becoming a celebrity. She wanted so bad to run away from that place, she hated everything about the place she grew up in, it was difficult for her to make friends, for she thought that they had nothing in common with her, and by this she became the girl the most unloved of the countryside, but Macy didn’t cared for she knew that one day or the other she would be leaving for the big city and be famous and rich.

Although Macy was a very difficult girl so as to make friends with, she had a friend whose name was Benny with whom she would confess all of her dreams and hopes, Benny was the only friend that accepted Macy exactly as she was. Benny and Macy knew each other since a very young age and got along very well despite the fact that they differed a lot from each other.

The truth was that Benny was in love with Macy and knew perfectly that he was not that handsome and did not look-alike all those other famous guys that Macy admired so much therefore so as to be able to be near her, Benny would accept listening to all of Macy’s speech about famous people that he didn’t even heard about and to all of her future expectations.

Though Benny knew nothing about the entertainment world, he would sit there with Macy and listen to her for hours, he was the happiest person in the whole world when he was with her, and Macy was happy to have someone to talk to about her passions without being teased and misunderstood.

Seeing all of the hopes of Macy and wanting so much for her to be happy, Benny promised to himself that he would do anything so as to make Macy’s dream come true, secretly he worked very hard and accumulated many little jobs so as to be able to pay for Macy’s traveling expenses, for her course in the entertainment world and for some extra money for the days before the days of glory.

It was his dream, and he was ready to work as hard as possible so as to make Macy’s dream come true, for he thought that her happiness was also his happiness, he was ready to lose her, Macy’s dreams became the reason of living of Benny.

Finally one day he had saved enough money so as to send Macy away to the big city with all the extra money necessary for her survival, he never had been that happy. Macy was all emotional and happy upon receiving this huge gift from Benny.

At first Macy was all excited about that unexpected offering, but shortly after she realised about all the sacrifice that Benny made for her, she became more humble upon the feelings that Benny felt for her, though the fact to leave her hometown and becoming famous was all that she ever wanted, she decided to refuse Benny’s help. 

Macy remembered all those times when she would be talking about all the things she had at heart with Benny always being around and listening carefully to what she was rehashing over and over again, it suddenly stroked Macy that Benny was in love with her and that she didn’t saw herself living a life without him, she wanted Benny to follow her in the pursue of her quest, she wanted glory but she also wanted Benny in her life.

After many hesitations and thinking, she made up her mind, she went to Benny, thanked him, kissed him on the lips, confessed her loving feelings to Benny and asked him to marry her. Overwhelmed with joy Benny accepted joyfully this reversed situation.

After they left their hometown, Macy didn’t became a model or an actress, but became famous in the entertainment industry by becoming the editor of a great celebrity magazine and had the chance to mix with many celebrities.

Macy and Bennie had an ever happily lasting ever after life.

                                          《 THE END》


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