Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Nobody ever died of a broken heart

My Pingback for (abandoned) on writing prompt

It was just a curse, an undeniable curse
The one that comes and goes, leaving you agar and empty
This feeling locked in a cage
Reluctantly you suffocate and you exhale pain
Your eyes are filled with salty water
This heart of your yours seems too painful to keep
Pouches forging under the eyes
Crippled is your body, and painful are your bones
It seems like eternity fell in love with you
All of this sadness seems to never go away
Love can be painful when you are snatched from it
You are left with bits and pieces of memories
Your heart is being left outside in the stormy weather
You feel like being an abandoned animal
The pain is too heavy for you to carry
Days seems like months and months seems like years
Then after the pain
After the clustering days
And being left for dead
You see new perspectives
New loving possibilities
Your heart is mended
Your body is ready
Love is renewed.


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