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Blank words

Literal fainted moments of spacing out outside the mind that has to unconceively conceive realizations and architects of words and mechanisms of learning finding the brain being overloaded of skimmed blurry words.. Its just a robot wanting to explain why sometimes I don't know what to write.  Just sitting alongside my paper and pen I blank out, for… Continue reading Blank words


Happy mother’s and father’s day

Happy mother's and father's day

Sayings, Thoughts & Quotes

Buddha’s wise saying

When our mind is purified of greed, hatred and delusion, we will overcome all suffering.


The Pop Kids – a letter to Pet Shop Boys.

A beautiful hommage to the Pet Shop Boys I’ve been fan of pop duo Pet Shop Boys for longer than I’ve been drinking tea in bed, which given I owned a Teasmaid at 14, is bloody ages. Perhaps this was an early indication that roc… Source: The Pop Kids - a letter to Pet Shop Boys.

My short stories

Little seed (short story)

My little seed I hope you become the most beautiful of my garden, you are a precious little thing, the one that will fulfill my deepest wish, you will be my wish come true, do become strong so as to stand against the wind, do grow magnificently so that your glow may give me solace.… Continue reading Little seed (short story)

Geranium flower
My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

My life

My life There was a time where all the shadows above my head was a halo of purity of fresh air and magnificently white Then it came to the state of indigenous wild part of the calling of the reverse side of life From the cradle till my innocent identity lost and flying like particles… Continue reading My life

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

My Blogging Quest

My Blogging Quest In this post I want to talk a little bit about how I have been introduced to the fascinating world of the blogosphere. I was inspired to write this post after having read a very interesting article titled for whom do you write in the Blogging U course given freely and enthusiastically by people of… Continue reading My Blogging Quest

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Pensive Am I too much daydreaming about the things that could be                                               So many thoughts about an uncertain future       It keeps ruminating And won't stop  murmuring in my brain.… Continue reading Pensive

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics, Sayings, Thoughts & Quotes


Life and love blossoms in every parts of our soul                 we are left dreaming of uncertain things                                  I can make it, we can make it through the pain All we have to do… Continue reading Blossom

My short stories

A letter to the hereafter (#microfiction)

Pingback on APOLOGY Hello my dear friend, Long time not seen isn't it? exactly 15 years and 2 months time without having talked or seen each other, funny how life may be! uncertainties and doubts killing 4 years of faithful friendship and a pocket full of wonderful memories. Today am married and a mother, you… Continue reading A letter to the hereafter (#microfiction)