A Few Hours


Source: A Few Hours

A Few Hours

Tennyson- “Tis not too late to seek a newer world.”

3:30 am

Two worlds at any given moment, posses the potential to be separated by nothing more, than an infinitesimal word.
A single name.
A tiny sliver of breath.
Some would argue such discoveries are merely aleatory coincidences.
However, others would proclaim such tangential worlds colliding are apart of God’s divine intention; destined wind and sacrosanct.

The way you said my name was as if it was something you had waited your entire life to call out.
To savor on your tongue.
A piece of a puzzle you didn’t know you were putting together in the first place, like my name fit perfectly between your lips.
A gap formed particularly for three syllables.

And your sacchariferous voice!
What had I been listening to before your lilt?
It was as if I had been deaf, though now I hark a caressing melody.
Ears coddled by a sweet symphony.
Each letter of my name a chord of music played meticulously by you.

Like a voyager of old, I had scoured many loving seas.
Yet none can compare to the expansiveness of your heart.
Each second together, I sailed deeper and further into you and your splendor, and you left me no other choice…

I let the sails drop as the susurrus wind began pining.
I cast down my love’s anchor with unwavering alacrity, to be buried in your subaqueous heart.
And I’ll float here, in your majesty.
Immersed by your fathomless euphony of breath.
Lost in the sultriness of your blue eyes, watching the sunrise and sunset of your smile.

What an effulgent world I found in you…
All because you said my name, and the world appeared abundantly new.

7:30 am


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