American Beauty

American Beauty Movie quote
American Beauty Movie quote

American Beauty

I guess that there is a time in life where you need to do some cleaning in your personal life, a time of new birth, and seeing things again as they truly are, refocus on certain aspects of the inner you and taking the time to live your life without overthinking about what tomorrow could bring.

Sometimes we are like the mug under the tap that we have forgotten to turn off, and the water just keep overflowing out of the mug, and suddenly you realize that the tap of water is being opened by the sound of the running water in the mug, you just turn off the tap and get rid of the excess water in the mug. 

Actually, am doing some body and mind cleaning. So hoping to be reading very soon all of your beautiful posts and commenting here and there, take care .

With loads of love & hugs


P.S Had to talk a bit on American Beauty but had another kind of feeling and wanted to talk about the tap thing:).



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