Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics



From Mars to Venus, from Venus to Mercury

Am gonna search for your vivid flame

I will openly tear myself up so as to send you a message of love

Whether you hear it or not

Whether you care about it or not

Am gonna send it out

It’s gonna explode like a dazzling flame

My love for you is gonna shine like the most beautiful of all the stars in the upper sky

You are a rainbow of colors exhaling a vaporous liquid of gas that I don’t mind inhaling

For the same air that comes from your lungs will beautifully intoxicate me

I will keep revolving around you and protecting every atom of your body as long as I will be suspended in the void with you by my side

I will be the darkness in your light and your beam will form a halo around me

Through you I will shine like the fire that burnt up the sun

You and I will forever be satellites orbiting around the earth with the sounds of our love echoing through the mass of time.


░Was doing some reading and fell on the word ‘satellite’ which means ‘bodyguard’ in latin░


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