The man who fell to Earth

David Bowie
David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust of The 1970s wearing a sensational creation by Kansai Yamamoto
I don't know where am going from here but I promise It won't be boring - David Bowie

The man who fell to Earth

I guess that in my head the picture of you will always be painted as a man full of mysteries and beautifulness.

When I first saw you in a magazine, I instantly saw the man of my life, yeah was only a very little girl at that time, but oh so attracted by weird things and people :), and David you were one of them, so mystifying, so immensely talented, with a charismatic voice that bewitched me.

The way that you dressed, your hair, your strange look, and your eyes—am writing this post about you and it arouses a thousand feelings in my heart, to me you looked like an alien, like someone that came from another galaxy, that traveled time and space so as to show us how being different meant also being beautiful.

I haven’t listened to your songs for such a long time, because I guess that listening to you would make me recall a thousand memories buried deep in my heart–most of them that I didn’t want to dig up, but you always had that special place in my heart, one amongst those that I keep secretly in my heart, heavily locked in a hidden corner.

The other day on Youtube I saw your last clip ‘Lazarus’, but I did not want to listen to it! I wanted to watch it on those days where I would have felt that special connection listening to the lyrics of your songs and to the masterful piece of art that you are.

David Bowie I would like to thank you for all the good times you have given us, you have a really special place in that corner of my heart, may you find your way among the stars, as to me you will always remain that guy that came from another space sanctuary so as to show us the beauty of being strangely magnificent.

RIP Ziggy Stardust♥♥♥

















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