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A Victorian Necklace

A Victorian Necklace

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I was passing by a very known jewelry shop and there it was, exposed as the sun in daylight and shining as the moon in the dark skies. My eyes sparkled by the little flashes of light that brightly twinkled from the most beautiful diamond necklace that I have never seen in my whole life.

I instantly fell in love with that magnificent adornment that looked to be coming out of the victorian era, the necklace was set with small gems of pure colourless carbon, it’s beauty beyond description with a design of extreme elegance, It was luxury at pure state and something that I could never afford even if I would have saved for a lifetime.

Here is a picture of how the diamond necklace of my dream looked a bit like, take out the green gemstone and replace it by diamonds, correct the design of the curves of the necklace, here it’s as if am seeing my beautiful necklace as it was 14 years ago. download




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