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Game Of Thrones

The iron throne
The Iron throne from the Game Of Thrones

Who doesn’t know the famous television series ‘Game of Thrones’ from the book of series written by George R.R Martin—with sexy women and men, tortured people, freaky people and creatures, very bad to the bone youngsters, cool costumes, very intense sexual scenes..hmmm, heart cold characters and extreme violence – psychos alert please :).

And of course with the game of thrones we cry, we swear, we get enraged, our blood pressure gets very very high, we want to enter the TV screen so as to kill some of the characters—that’s what I wanna do every time I watch it :), don’t you feel like that? Or am I the only one! 🙂

If for some people the scenes of GOT are of an extreme violence, I don’t see it that way—let’s just focus on the good side of some of the characters in it, for example, by looking at ‘Game of Thrones’ one can see some strategic situations that can be put forward in real life . . . of course not the killings! ‘Game of Thrones’ is inspired by real war events that took place in history, like ‘The War Of The Two Roses’.

Game of Thrones takes you in a world of its own, on a fictional continent called Westeros, where the main nobles of this fictional world are at war, for each one of them wants to sit on a throne of iron (that is said to have been forged by the fire of dragons) and be the sole ruler over the seven kingdoms of Westeros . . . So who will be the final king or queen who will conquer the iron throne?

So who will be the final king or queen who will conquer the iron throne? Well I have already imagined how all of this will be over, but there is always mass killing of the people that you don’t think will die and you are forced in imagining another scenario of how it will all end, I guess that I will have to wait patiently for the new season of the series to begin.

Also if you are coming to Mauritius don’t forget to visit our great park, ‘The Casela World Of Adventures’ where the two animals at the main entrance of this park have been created by artists that worked on the graphical concept of ‘Game of Thrones’.




2 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones”

  1. Before the TV show came out one of our brilliant students insisted I read the books. Sorry to say I still haven’t. I wanted to read the books first but find other books and things take up my time (basically sailing and photography and trying to catch up on work I didn’t do because of sailing and photography). I will get to it someday!

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