My Fictional Mindset

Since a very young age my love for movies, reading books and playing games is a big fascination for me, when reading fairy tales books or watching animes or movies, I felt very close to these fictional characters, In a way of saying I will tend to say that all of them have forged the traits of my character.

I was always been drawn to fairy tales, I have read many of them, and in reading these stories I can assure you that I was there, that all that was being read by me took form in my head and at night before closing my eyes I was the mermaid, the gorgoyle, the fairy, the witch, the warrior – but never the princess 🙂 why? simply beacause perhaps the fact that princesses lived among the livings and that me I wanted to form part of another kind of story, I wanted a world of my own infested with all kinds of fabulous creatures where I will get all kinds of adventures.

It was the same for movies characters and gaming characters, many people won’t comprehend this state of mind and see it as weird and unreal, but I know very well how to distinguish between the unreal and the real and know very well that all of this is nothing but fiction.

But I have learned from these characters created by real human beings on the art of life than any other people could have teached me, when some peoeple will be seeing the violent part of these movies, games or reading,  I will be seeing something else, it’s a matter of perception I guess. Most of science fiction movies and animes are full of violence, but if we do concentrate on the violent part then I guess that we will absorb this part but me I concentrate on the fact on how they became evil beings and by doing this in a certain way I tend to understand a bit on the people that surrounds me in real life.

And as for me I have learned compassionate love, self love and even cried with well known writers such the Grimms brothers, Hans Christian Andersen and many others great stories that I have read.

If I should make a list of all the movies and books that have had a big impact on me, well that will too much of a long list starting from Harry Potter to the Lord of the rings and going to Star Wars and so on.

So from here starts my love for the ‘Unreal’….

And let’s come to that cool creation that is ‘The Internet’ and it’s magical effects on me…but this will be for another time :).




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