Master Yoda - Star Wars movie quote

Star Wars:_: The Force Awakens

Star Wars:_: The Force Awakens

We finally entered the year 2016—and here closes another chapter of our lives, as I have written hereI wanna go with the flow of life and have a zen attitude towards everything.

Puff, today let’s kick dramas in the *** and let’s keep going with the movie STAR WARS – THE FORCE AWAKENS.

I went to see the science fiction saga the other day—a big applause to the filmmakers, for it was an explosive cocktail of amusement, suspense, drama and fiction, brought together for this new epic space adventure. 

It’s the kind of movie that teaches us great things about life itself.

The characters of Stars Wars have a unique way of awakening a force that lies deep inside of each and every one of us—the power of thoughts, love, and understanding.

The Force Awakens is the missing chain linked to the former Star Wars saga that so many fans have waited for so long.

New characters have immersed in the new saga while enabling this new generation to discover and watch Star Wars and thus creating new fandom communities around this epic science fiction movie.

So many stories and memories linked to this movie—but it will be for another time because I have recently read that every year an episode of the Star Wars saga would be released—yesss.

The movie is not only inhabited by soldiers, Jedis, and Darth fighting with laser blades and naughty guys all dressed in black fighting inside cool spaceships, there are also cool and wise characters giving great lessons of life. So here is an awesome quote by the great Jedi master Yoda from the Star Wars saga – The Phantom menace:

Fear leads to anger

Anger leads to to hate.

Hate leads to suffering.


May the force be with you…




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