car accidents
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Accidental car accidents

Accidental car accidents

This morning I heard a news that shocked me deeply, youngsters aged from 17 to 24 years old lost their lives in a car accident. When a child is very ill, parents somehow prepare themselves to the worst, but I guess that loosing a child so suddenly and tragically in a car accident is much more unbearable, the road is killing more and more people as years goes by.

Only this year taking from January to August, statistics have shown that 1179 accidents were being registered for this period in my country (Mauritius), It shouldn’t be that high if the driver could have been more conscientious about the serious responsibility that he has on his shoulder, if he/she is carrying passengers on his board, he/she must be aware that they have to be careful while driving and arrive safely to their place of destination.

Here is a little preventive list that I would have taken if I had a driving license:

Fast and Furious driving results in serious car accidents.

I know that the adrenaline of driving fast is so cool, but you would not look cool if ever you lose an arm, a leg, or any other parts of your body in a car accident, we must all think of the consequences if ever our car is being involved in a fatal road accident, and our family—what will they become after our departures? What about the lives of the people that will not be spared if ever we are not careful while driving—have you thought about these people?

There are also those who drives fast because they are late . . . but drivers! it’s under your own responsibility from coming out of your house early, so as not to provoke a stupid road accident that will shatter lives of people.

Don’t drink and drive.

And how many times will we have to say that drinking and driving is an explosive cocktail Molotov, either you choose to drink and not driving or else you don’t drink and drive so as to return safely at home and not having ugly scars or killing innocent people in a road accident due to your immense sense of irresponsibility.

Take some rest if needed

And what happens in situation where we feel that our eyes are closing? well  . . . it only take a fraction of these little seconds to kill someone. So if getting tired and feeling a bit sleepy, I guess it would have been great if you just could stop the car in a safe place and take a little rest or perhaps get out of your engine so as to wash your face or walk a little bit, am sure if you explain the situation to the passengers, they sure will comprehend, for it’s their lives that is put at risk.

Passengers don’t disturb the driver

Passengers you also must be responsible and making more effort so as not to disturb the driver, for you must not forget that your lives is in their hands.

No cellphones

Drivers! no talking on the phone or texting while driving, for one second being distracted and you will be buried six feet under.

 Intense awareness campaign on road accidents.

Awareness campaign should be done through the Medias and survivors of car accidents should be invited to tell their stories.

There are so much more causes of road accidents that could have been avoided. Why have I written on road accidents? it’s because of my childhood friend, he was playing on the road when he was being knocked down by a car that was going too fast.

So on this period of festivity, I hope that you will be driving carefully and responsibly for the lives of innocent people depends on you.


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