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The Descendants

The Descendants

What doesn’t kill you mess you up, Nah, it makes you stronger, oh well who cares as long as you are breathing :).

These two weeks have been great, am at my mother’s house on holidays, due to some little health problems, am being taken care of with lots of love, I must say that I have a great mother that I love very much.

Since I got married 8 years ago, I think that I slept over at my childhood house only once or twice I think.

Some very good memories came back to me while being around my childhood house, my mother had kept all the stupid stuff and things that I had the tendency to keep as a young girl—after I got married she even gave me a bag full of my former love letters and personal diaries! damn, mom 🙂 though I and my husband are very close, I felt really embarrassed when he wanted to read all of them, lol. Fortunately, my husband is a very comprehensive guy and contrariwise, he made fun out of all this situation.

Since a very young age, I had the chance to read interesting books about history, fairy tales, poems and international magazines given to me.

Through international magazines, I came across names of some random groups or singers which I would later research for their albums in music stores. There were also my uncles who had some weird taste in music, books, and magazines which I would secretly listen or read though I didn’t understand a damn thing about what was being said, lol.

All of my most wonderful and crazy days are embed in those walls, I feel invincible and a little bit healthier day by day surrounded with so much love, I guess that the saying ‘Home Sweet Home’ has never felt so sweet to my ears as now.

With much love




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