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The Mayan Prophecy

The Mayan Prophecy The Mayan Destiny: Book Three of The Mayan Trilogy written by Steve Alten was being originally published in 2012, and do you still remember the psychosis caused all around that famous year? - yeah me I still do 🙂 - Oh WordPress where wer thou 🙂 the Mayan trilogy book consists of… Continue reading The Mayan Prophecy


Something Special…

Source: Something Special...  Something Special… Something Special Is Going On In This Side Of The Universe !… Humanity Is Suddenly Awakening From One Evil Nightmare !… Infinite Energies Of Love Are Flowing Down Over The Earth !… A Divine Event Is Just About To Happen For All To Be Aware !… © Samissomar  


Ron Whitehead : divorce survival get back on my feet Wish List of a non-conformist non-materialist.

car accidents
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Accidental car accidents

Accidental car accidents This morning I heard a news that shocked me deeply, youngsters aged from 17 to 24 years old lost their lives in a car accident. When a child is very ill, parents somehow prepare themselves to the worst, but I guess that loosing a child so suddenly and tragically in a car… Continue reading Accidental car accidents


Us Against The World

Pingback for my interpretation on 'Gathering'    Us Against The World I went to visit a floating library boat on Thursday, my sister was also part of the gathering and it was her that took pictures of me and my sons. and as it's xmas time, done some fun and creative photo collage with the… Continue reading Us Against The World

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Loving you

Source: Loving you Loving you Posted onOCTOBER 28, 2015Categoriesinspiration, life, Love It is like a jumping off a cliff, And like trying to breathe under water. It is like seeing the sun slowly come up, And like the waves thrashing the rocks. It is like I never lived and never loved, And like I never… Continue reading Loving you


Happiness Therapy

Happiness Therapy 2015, what a year for some people who have undergone many changes, there are 12 months in a year, and we tend to say that we will be doing this and that in the course of the year and there we seem to be stuck at the same point, we say that we… Continue reading Happiness Therapy