lonely girl

Cast Away

Cast Away

Hello peeps, am dealing with some dramatic situations, and I guess that I will not be online for sometimes, I wished that everything was far more easy than it seems to be, but it’s not!

Just taking some rest among my loved ones and hoping that everything will get better soon, am so sad in letting down my blog, but am getting difficulty blogging from my small tablet as I have some difficulties with my PC.

Also, I don’t know why I am unable to login my WP account from my tablet! All these situations are too many dramas for me to take . . . lol

So take care and loads of love to everyone.

Do you remember the ball named Wilson from the movie Cast Away? Such a great movie. Makes me wonder! If ever we were to be left alone on an island, how could we have dealt with this situation? As for me I would have a friend like Wilson and cried like Tom Hanks like in the movie when I would have lost him.



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