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I Origins

I Origins

Hello beautiful people, hope everything is still going strong for all of you. It’s been sometimes since I didn’t catch up on my blog, well, as always some dramas blinded my faith out of me 🙂 but am back, and hope that it is for good (Backstreet boys in my head right now 🙂

It’s a good day to make my comeback around here, as today it’s been one year since I have registered on WordPress, hip hip hooray :).

One year and not many posts! for since then I have been trying to learn how to use WordPress. I am really proud of myself for having been able to set up a blog, little by little it’s starting to look as a blog should be and every day I am learning something, and refining my written English.

The real bloggers out there are great writers and blogging for them seems to be a child play, I have great respect for all these wonderful bloggers—for it’s really not that easy to produce great content on an everyday basis.  

One year ago I knew nothing about the term ‘blogging’, it’s been really hard for me as I was not acquainted with internet terminologies, many dramas and wanting many times to quit everything and stay all day on my couch watching television.

But there is always a little voice inside of my head that tells me to come back and to keep going on.

I still don’t know what the future holds for me around here, and what will become of us (me & my blog), but I know what I want and what I want to do, I just hope that this will be enough so as to keep me on the track.

It will be a difficult path with loads of ups and downs, but I believe if I keep going, something good awaits me at the end of this path.

So HBD to me, lots of happy, interesting and motivated days along with the WordPress community and again many thanks to those who have been directly or indirectly the sources of inspiration for me so as to create LOVELYRICISM♥♥♥


Now let’s talk about that beautiful movie that I watched the other day with great appreciation and joy, it’s the movie I(eye) Origins.

A good movie about the famous saying that ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’, I will not make a review, you will have to see the movie so as to understand the storyline of I(eye) Origins and  from there, if you want we can discuss the film.

I(eye) Origins had an amazing scenario with a pint of suspense and an interesting plot twist.

Ian: I do believe we've known each other since forever.

Sofi: Really?

Ian: Yes. You know how? When the Big Bang happened, all the atoms in the universe were all smashed together into one little dot that exploded outward, so my atoms and your atoms were certainly together then and... who knows, probably smashed together several times in the last 13.7 billion years, so my atoms have known your atoms and they've always known your atoms. My atoms have always loved your atoms.

(Source: I Origins (2014) - Quotes - IMDb)

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