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The White Cane Safety Day

The White Cane Safety Day

Since 1964 the 15 of October has been proclaimed as the White Cane Safety day by the former president of the United States Lyndon B.Johnson, on this particular day we celebrate around the world the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired, the White Cane has been put forward as a symbol of independence to the blind.

Here is the proclamation made by the presidential on the 6 October 1964 :

‘The white cane in our society has become one of the symbols of a blind person’s ability to come and go on his own. Its use has promoted courtesy and special consideration to the blind on our streets and highways. To make our people more fully aware of the meaning of the white cane and of the need for motorists to exercise special care for the blind persons who carry it Congress, by a joint resolution approved as of October 6, 1964, has authorized the President to proclaim October 15 of each year as White Cane Safety Day.’ (Source: White Cane Safety Day | National Federation of the Blind).

White Cane Safety Day
White Cane Safety Day

And some of the famous blind people are Ray Charles( pianist and singer inducted to varied halls of fame), Andrea Boccelli(Operatic pop singer), Stevie Wonder( singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist) and much more, but let’s get a bit lost in the dark 🙂 and let’s talk about the blind superhero who goes by the name of DAREDEVIL..oh yeah 🙂 Yes I couldn’t help myself :).

Matt Murdoch (aka Daredevil ‘the man without fear’) was being blinded by a radioactive substance, but his other senses have been enhanced by this accident making him a superhuman, he could see by using a radar sense, he masters the art of a unique style of martial art combat, he is also a great lawyer and as to avenge his father who was being killed by gangs, he decided to become the superhero DAREDEVIL.

Quote1 My problem isn’t Daredevil — and never was! It was always Matt — the blind lawyer — the hapless, helpless invalid! He’s been my plague… since the day I first donned a costume! Then, let Matt Murdock no longer exist!! Quote2 Source(Matthew Murdock (Earth-616).