Draco & Ela
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Draco & Ela

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  1. Chapter 1: My friend Draco
  2. Chapter 2: A ride accross the sky
  3. Chapter 3: Greatest treasure of all

Final chapter: The most beautiful of all stars

Then came one day when Ela didn’t showed up, Draco thought that perhaps she was ill, nor the next day was she to be seen, one week elapsed and Draco still didn’t heard from Ela, he was very sad.

He couldn’t anymore accept the fact that Ela wasn’t anymore coming to see him, he felt that there was something wrong and he decided to break the vow that he made to himself, and decided that he will be going to the village of Ela to see what was becoming of her.

So he flew to the village of Ela, when approaching the village, he was suddenly seized with a great and deep sorrow, what he saw completely devastated his heart, he suddenly was overwhelmed with anger, a feeling that even when his own were being attacked and kill had he never felt, his heart was burning with an uncontrolled form of extreme anger, the kind of fire that couldn’t be extinguished.

Draco approached Ela who was attached to a wood pole at the entrance of the village, her clothes torn, blood spilling all over her fragile body, her beautiful long black hair that use to cover half of her deformed face being cut, and the other part of her face was swollen with wounds, and yet, though she was in great pain and was very week she smiled at Draco.

Draco cut the ropes with his claws, “go away dragon, they want to kill you, they used me as to lure you for they want your golden skin.” Said Ela weakly and painfully.

“They shall pay for what they did to you, they don’t deserve to be called humans.” Said Draco angrily.

And with all that was left of her shattered body she took the head of the dragon king in her hands, looked him in the eye and said:

“You are much worth of all these people out there, you have a heart of gold, don’t kill them for you shall become the beast  that they are, I have been lucky to have known you in this life, because of you I have known what it was to be loved and the meaning of being happy.” And these were her last words for her hands fell and she closed her eyes forever.

Draco felt himself immersed in a blind state of anger, and in a cry of despair and tears falling down his burning eyes, he flew to the village, blinded by chaotic feeling of pain and sadness, he set the village on fire, but suddenly among the flames he saw fireflies and he remembered Ela’s word, it echoed through his burning heart. He stood still for a while and then he cried out in a painful voice:

“Tell me where the parents of Ela are and I shall spare your miserable life?”

And someone fearfully showed him their house. He crushed into their house and there they were begging for forgiveness.

“You took the only thing that brightened my life when I had given you all of my treasures, and this wasn’t enough for you, your heart being corrupted with greed and envy, you used to say that Ela was a monster, but you are not worth her and never will, you took the life of your own blood for the sake of money and power.”

“I won’t take your life, because she told me not to do so, I will spare your pitiful life, but I will give a gift to the four sisters here, a gift of great value, you will live a life of great suffering and darkness, the same life you created for Ela.” Said Draco loudly.

And by these words he marked one by one the faces of Ela’s sisters with his claws, leaving them in a great cry of despair and suffering. Then he took the treasures and flew with it very far away to the ocean and threw it among the creatures of the sea.

And he returned to Ela, he was in a very calm state, and he thought to himself that he had to put an end to his life, that it was time for him to go join his clan among the stars. The truth is that the dragon king wasn’t immortal, his golden scales was just a very strong shield, and that the only thing that could kill him was his own flames.

So he set fire to all the trees that surrounded the forest and went to lay beside Ela, he waited patiently for the flames to come devouring both of them, and when the flames came close enough, he made a wish:

“Oh great ancestors of mine, kings of ancient times,                                                                                                                                                                   

here I am on my last days of glory, burning in ashes,

For living has become a burden to me.

here is my friend, made of flesh and bones,

but not having wings to fly and having to legs and two arms,

not cold-blooded as we are but who has a heart like us,

so ancient kings when my skin and her skin would have turned to ashes,

may you permit that her dust may be blown away by the wind, and may she become a

a shining star-gazing brightly by side and might she become the most beautiful star in the whole universe.”

And so was the last of Draco, the last dragon. And from now on when the sky has put its black blanket, you will see a golden star and by its side the shiniest of all the stars spotting graciously the sky.



《The end》


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