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Chapter 1: My friend Draco

Chapter 2: A ride accross the sky

Chapter 3: Greatest treasure of all

And so practically every once in a month Ela would go join Draco for a nocturnal trip through the sky. But one day when Ela returning from the woods, her parents and four sisters were waiting for her.

“Where were you Ela? It’s been some time since you have been going out all night and returning home at dusk, and we have all seen that you seemed much more happy these days ! So where do you go like this?” asked her mother.

“Well I go in the forest so as to look at the stars, they look so beautiful out there.” Said Ela with great hesitation.

“Don’t be afraid to tell us the truth my daughter, we are asking because we care a lot about you.” Said her mother.

And hearing how tenderly her mother was talking to her, she said:

“You know about the last dragon that lives in the mountain top, he is my friend and every month at dawn I go join him in the forest.”

Everyone was puzzled by the answer of Ela.

“And how did the friendship with a dragon started?” Asked her mother.

So Ela started narrating the beginning of her adventure. And they were all astound by her story.

Days went by and before the month ended, the mother of Ela said to her:

“You know how poor we are Ela, and dragons are said to be very rich, they have many treasures hidden in the place that they live and Draco must have many golds and other precious stones in his habitat and as he is your very close friend and that you are not afraid of him, you could ask him to give us some gold, as you see I have your four sisters to get married, ask him please my daughter.” Said her mother with great pity.

“I will try mother, but I don’t know if he will grant my request.” Said Ela in a small voice.

“Try doing your best my daughter.” Said her mother.”

“I will try.” Ela said.

And at the next meeting of Ela and Draco, she said to him with great hesitation

“My parents and my four sisters knows about our friendship and I was told that dragons kept many treasures where they lived, and they said to ask you for some treasures.” She said shyly.

Deep inside Draco knew how Ela was an innocent girl, and knew that they fooled her, but he thought that he had nothing to do with all these treasures and that without hesitation he was ready to give them all of his keeping.

“I am ready to give up on all my treasures accumulated during all those decades and give them to your family, but I have one request, I want you to come see me every day, which is my only condition before giving all my treasures.” Said Draco in a big voice.

“But you talk dragon!” Said Ela in great astonishment.

“Yes but only when I need too, I didn’t want to frighten you , and now that we clearly know each other, I don’t want to have any secrets for you Ela, you are more precious to me than all the treasures in the that my cave may contain.” Said Draco emotionally.

So by these words Ela returned home happily and said to her family what Draco had said to her, that he will be giving them the treasures that were in his processions and she also told them about the deal that they made to each other.

And so the next day all the treasures from Draco’s cave were to Ela’s family, and as promised everyday she would go see Draco in the woods and they would be riding across the sky, how were they when being together, Ela would be running around bare footed and rolling herself down in the bed of roses that surrounded the river with Draco looking at her with bright eyes, and fireflies flying all around her and glowing with all their splendor and making half of her face shining radiantly, she would be singing and enjoying herself and forgetting all of her griefs.

(Final chapter: The most beautiful of all stars)


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