Draco & Ela
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Draco & Ela

And with all that was left of her shattered body she took the head of the dragon king in her hands, looked him in the eye and said

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The White Cane Safety Day

The White Cane Safety Day Since 1964 the 15 of October has been proclaimed as the White Cane Safety day by the former president of the United States Lyndon B.Johnson, on this particular day we celebrate around the world the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired, the White Cane has been put forward… Continue reading The White Cane Safety Day


Bleeding Heart

(Source: Bleeding Heart) I sit. Heart in hand. I create. Some of you may turn away from the blood. The red spilling over. It’s OK if you do. Sometimes it scares me too, but still I hold it. Palms out. I’m giving you what frightens me. This is me saying, yes, I’m still here. I… Continue reading Bleeding Heart

My short stories


Deep inside Draco knew how Ela was an innocent girl, and knew that they fooled her, but he thought that he had nothing to do with all these treasures and that without hesitation he was ready to give them all of his keeping.