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Chapter 1: My friend Draco

Chapter 2: A ride across the sky

And when finally she got home, she realized that nobody had even noticed her disappearance and that as usual she was being ignored, and being used to all these, she just went on along doing her daily tasks.

Ela having heard that once in a month the dragon king came hunting in the wood, decided to go see him again so as to thank him for having helped her the last time, she knew she had to go back to the woods so as to thank him, so she kept tracks of the path that would lead her to Draco.

The day she had waited for so long came, and this time she took some food and dressed herself with warm clothes and set out in the deep and dense forest. When she arrived at the place she last saw Draco, she sat and waited hoping to see the dragon king again.

And not long before she had arrived she heard the beating of his wings, Draco had perceived Ela from a very long distance and landed right beside her.

“I came here to meet you because the other day I did not have the chance to thank you for having helped me, you saved my life, and I could have died of cold and hunger or being attacked by a ferocious animal, thank you dragon, nobody before you had made something like this for me and for this I will be for the rest of my life be indebted to you.” Said Ela.

Draco approached Ela and put his head on her shoulder.

“Can we stay together like the other day dragon, I really enjoy being with you, I have nobody you know, am always very lonely for everybody is always running away from me because of my half deformed face, can I stay ? Say yes please.” Said Ela pitifully.

And the dragon king made a yes sign with his head.

“Dragon could you one day take me on your back and make me fly in the sky, I want to see how it looks from up above, would you?” Said Ela.

And saying this Draco approached her, bowed his head down, then he laid him down next to Ela, and she understood that the dragon king was telling her to get on his back, and with the help of Draco, Ela climbed on the back of Draco.

Draco spread his large red wings and took flight with Ela riding on his back and clutching to the long red mane of the dragon. Never had Ela seen the moon and the stars so near as if she could touch them, she was overwhelmed with a strong feeling joy and from up above she could see the villages that were lighted up.

And when finally they came down, Ela couldn’t help herself from hugging the huge dragon and while crying tears of joy, she said: “thank you dragon, thank you so much.”

(Chapter 3: Greatest treasure of all)



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