A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember Movie Quote
A Walk To Remember Movie Quote

A Walk To Remember

It’s google 17th birthday and there was a ‘doodle’ that name, lol, yeah a ‘doodle’ and on this ‘doodle’ there was a lava lamp, which the sight of it brought in me a thousand memories—and I suddenly realised . . .

Why the sight of a lava lamp brought out so much happiness in me? Well, I have an obsessiveness with lava lamps since a very young. I fell in love with these lamps while watching movies and it became an obsession for me—I had to have one. I loved seeing these colorful lavas moving up and down in this bright water. It felt like living in a retro-futuristic world because am also a big addict of science fiction.

I was always hoping secretly that I will be able to have one day, and indeed after some years have elapsed I finally got my first lava lamp. And you know what? I didn’t sleep that night as I was too happy watching my lava lamp, I was like . . . well, I can’t describe this feeling! It can only be felt. 

I almost cried at the view of this the scenery of the colorful lava hopping up and down and joyfully racing the beat of my heart, I felt like a little child seeing an amazing object for the first time in her life, what to say, the view of my lava lamp made me happy.

And it’s from that remembrance that I realized that mostly all of my dreams came true without me even noticing it.

And my lava lamp will always be here, to remind me that dreams always comes true, and this, no matter the time it may take.




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