The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Starslovelyricism-quote

Yesterday I went to a free training course that talked about a famous cosmetic brand called Yves Rocher—which is famous for using exclusively plant-based cosmetics, this brand is renowned for having signed a contract with nature 50 years ago; which is why their new campaign was titled ’50 years of love.’ 

It was interesting learning about skin care tips and knowing that the brand was the number one market leader in France. 

As I am a great nature lover, I was motivated and captivated by all these explanations, it was great learning all these new things and much happier at the thought of explaining to people the importance of using natural products.

I also wanted to blog about nature, but well we will see to it next year :), I have still so many things to learn on this site.


And at the end of that marvelous day, I watched the beautiful movie ‘THE FAULT IN OUR STARS’, a romantic and tragic movie about two youngsters having cancer, the beginning of the movie looked like a fairy tale, and the end—well, it was all tragic and blue and heart-broken, this movie is a must for all the romantic lovers out there.   Here is a beautiful quote for all of you taken from the movie:

“If You Want The Rainbow, You Have To Deal With The Rain”



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